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web design

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Web design

Have you ever thought whether Image is really so important? Yes, it is. Be sure, that web design significantly determines your succes. We fit you out with a well arranged web page with clear graphics. Customers are still more and more demanding therefore you have to pamper them. For the beginning we are going to pamper you. If you let us...

We put ourselves in your taste and combine it with modern trends in the branch of webdesign. We have great experience in this field, which is proved by our references. We know, what a good web pagemust look like.

Because appereance is not the only important thing. The first step we have to do is to create wireframe of old web page. Excellent functionality and user-friendly enviroment are commonplace for our web pages. We are proud to use only high technology, to create totally transparent pages, where we mostly use responsive displaying technologies.

In the process of implementation we do not leave anything to chance and we always get a new web page tested through and through by its users to remove potential defects. Our main goal is to get the visitors,where you want to have them.

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WWW creation

If you buy a house falling into pieces and repaire only the front, the house is still no good, you still can not live inside. It is the same as web pages. No matter how beautiful web page you have, if it is not built on solid base.

Creating web pages is like building a house for us. We properly draw everything into a net model. If you are happy with all details, we can start to build. Our programmers using high technology create a new web page. Meanwhile we agree on design and after last comments there come coders. They usually cut all graphic work into small pieces and then get them back into functional whole, which can be discovered and tested by anybody.

Because we do not want anybody to get lost in CMS, we carry out detailed user testing which debug last imperfection. This imperfection is removed afterwards.

In contrast to the feeling aftercompleting a construction of a house you will not be exhausted. You will be full of enthusiasm instead, because positive reaction to your new web page will fill you in with energy and if you work well with it, they will fill in even your bank account. We gladly advice you with this matter also.

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If you want to enter the world of internet with your goods, you need a quality instrument for flawless sale process, a competent assistent and advisor. The instrument and assistent will be your e-shop and we will be your smart aleck. Since the beginning we have developed our e-shop so that the majority of work is done itself and you can pay attention to important things, which nobody else does for you.

Royal Shop has following advantages:

  • Inuitive and transparent use
  • Quality goods and orders filtering
  • Connection to SMS
  • Connection to price comparators
  • Cooperation with PPC systems
  • Connection to economic systems

If you need exactly this, do not hesitate and contact us, so we can put your business in motion.

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Content Management System

Content management system enables editing all essential matter s on your web. If you want to tell the world any important news, bring it on to let the World know, what is happening in your company. Thanks to Royal CMS you do not have to wait for any administrator to find 5 minutes of his time and make the change for you. Only log in and change anything you wish. Fears of not mastering the system are useless. Did you learn how to use a mobile phone ten or fifteen years ago? There you go...

We have been very precise to use only the highest technology. Intuitiveness of our CMS for common user has been very important for us. Nevertheless even more technically skilled users appreciate its function. We have been asked by many people, wheter their data would be safe therefore we have done our best in the area of data security. Now we dare to say, that our CMS belongs to the safest products on the market.

Do not be afraid, if you do something wrong. A mistake can happen anytime. That is why Royal CMS has the possiblity to go through history of each page so you can activate any versionanytime, for example the one before false revision.

Except for the above mentioned advantages, our CMS is mainly complex. It is complex because it enables adding moduls of various function. Hotels appreciate booking forms and module for lunch menus will be a useful instrument for restaurants. E- shop Module is a natural thing, which we are going to mention below.

To put it simply. Are you looking for fast, safe and intuitive CMS? Try ours! We quarantee your satisfaction.

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Do you need to tune your company up as an orchestra? CRM will be your conductor. You will have all necessary agenda, reports, statistics or contracts on one place and will not spend time useless swiching among e-mails, intranet and your office manager, which you think, remembers everything. It does not. CRM does and works 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

All our CRM stand on solid base tested by many safisfied clients. We adjust CRM according to individual needs.

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Do you need to send out confirming sms, book clients or want any neat aplication for IOS and Android? No problem to meet and find the best solution.

You can use services of our SMS gate, you can use it regularly as a quick informational messenger for your registred customers. It will be also very handy if you need to confirm an order or reservation.

Further we can offer applications for trainings reservation, booking aplications for hotels and restaurants or ,for instance, complex administration for editing lunch menu supporting data import in xml format. This is available as extension to our CMS.

If you ever think about any application for Android or IOS, which would support your current services, contact us and we will find the best solution.

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If you sold ,for example, kitchenware and your competitors overtook you in search engines with key word „wooden spoon“, you would be probably rightfully upset. Of course, who would not be? That is why we are here to ensure, that you will not only badger your competitors but even overtake them in some time.

You reach better results with help of SEO. It is actually about several activities, thanks to which you reach good position in natural search results.

Optimalization phase

  • Analysis of competitors and your current web page
  • Target and key words determination
  • Web code optimalization
  • Linkbuilding

Eventhough it is an arduous process demanding long-term adjusment, in the end you will be able to say: "Who has sold the most wooden spoons? Me! And who has been my partner? Royal Design!"

PPC campaign

Have you ever searched for a mountain bike for your child and the first result was a lightly tinged advertisement for a wheelbarrow? Gratulation, you know a PPC campaign. In this case a little bit incorrectly set.

PPC campaigns are, in fact, advertisements with payment for click to a web page. They represent an excellent way, how to get people on my page. Our job is to prepair detailed analysis of given market, analysis of words, which are key for the market and combine everyting to reach as highest profit as possible for acceptable price.

Preparation and progress of a campaign

  • Choose appropriate strategy to fullfil fixed targets.
  • Create a campaign adapted to our strategy.
  • Continuous optimalization of a campaign and its adaptation to current results.
  • Choose appropriate efficiency measuring and assess its results.

Do not loose your time wishing to lead you own campaign and entrust yourself to our professional care. After that there will be no chance, that your advertisment would be offered to the ones, who would not looking for it.


Web texts must contain not only a plenty of information for the user himself, but it must especially direct him to the place, where you can get the most out of him.

We suppose, that you want him to spend his money with you. In that case you have to precisely lead him till the last step of a shopping basket. Leave creation of a text, which changes a visitor into a customers, on us. Text which would dose information on the right spots. Where are they? We can discuss it during a coffee, as soon as you come to visit us.

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